Planet Lament (2018)

For orchestra [5’]

Aotearoa - Cloud (2017)

For orchestra [8’]

Written for Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, New Zealand

Sing Like No-One Is Listening (2015)

For Orchestra and Choir [3’]

Commissioned by the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, as part of Carnegie Hall’s LINKUP Education Program


Planet Lament - Variation (2018)

For Flutes, Percussion & Plastic [8’]

Composed for the Karlheinz Company Concert, Auckland

Trumpiting (2019)

For Brass Quintet [7’]

Plastic Ocean (2018)

For Piano duo [8’]

Premiered at the Llewellyn Jones Prize Concert, University of Auckland

Personified River: Whanganui (2017)

For mixed ensemble [7’30”]

Composed for the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble. Performed during the 2017 Aspen Music Festival

Série Antibes (2016)

Piano trio [7’30”]

Premiered at VIPA Festival Brouwer Trio Concert, Valencia, Spain

Anthropogenic Weather (2016)

Piano, Violin, Loop Station [12’]

Premiered at New England Conservatory, SICPP Festival Iditarod Concert

An Interminable Unwinding (2015)

Alto Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Percussion [4’30”]

Premiered in Composit New Music Festival, Reiti, Italy by Ensemble COMPOSIT

An Encounter (2015)

Clarinet, Flute and Percussion [5’]

Premiered in UPBEAT International Summer Music School, Milna Croatia

Juilliard Cento Sonnet (2015)

Soprano, Violin, Violoncello, Piano [3’30'“]

Poem by Philip Dacey

Premiered at the Berklee Performance Center, Boston, Massachussets. Awarded Best Artsong, Berklee Words & Music Festival, 2015


Cavea (2017)

For solo Harpsichord [3’30'“]

Written for Robert Fleitz. Premiered in Tribeca, NYC


Morning Calm (2015)

Film score for the Short Film ‘Morning Calm’, Sundance 2015 Film Entrant