Planet Lament

For orchestra: 2[af.p] 2[] 2[1.bcl] 2[1.cbsn] — 4 2 3 1 — tmp+2 — harp — str

Players are also asked to play plastic bags. The composer can supply these or the detail is located in the score performance note.

Duration: [5’00’]

Composed for the 2018 Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra ‘Our Voice’ workshop.

Programme Note

In Planet Lament, the composer provides a musical commentary on the effects of consumerism on our planet.

If we all treated our planet with tenderness, as a mother or father might treat a newborn, for example, there would be a dramatic reduction in the consumption of items such as plastic bags. Perhaps it is a seemingly trivial example; but the aggregate impact over time is not.

This work is intended both as a lament of our current state, and a visualization of how collectively regretful we might feel in the future, when the impacts of climate change become personal and severe.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 7.38.19 PM.png